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A litter bit, about Carlos Eduardo

I’m full-stack developer and master’s degree in Systems and Computing. And also, graduate degree in Web Design and Programming.

I have been working with PHP, in excellent projects, for large companies in these last 13 years.

Let’s join forces?





I’m a Brazilian and I’m professional full-stack senior develope.

I have been working as a Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst and Web Developer for many companies, I have more than 20 years of experience developing a broad range of projects, mostly for the Healthcare Industry (PHP based solutions). Besides having 13 years of experience in PHP, I’m also familiar with other programming languages, with experience like a Backend and Frontend developer with use several frameworks, with a solid understanding of database design and data analysis. I have experience and ability to move between management, analysis, development and support of a projects of medium and longer sized.

I hope to contribute with my knowledge to the success of your projects, being always available for new knowledge required and helping to maintain a pleasant relationship environment in this company. I am also available for remote work.

I also have experience as a teacher of computer programming working at: University, High School, School of Technical, Industrial training and in my own IT school. Moreover, I’m finishing my Master’s Degree in Systems and Computing, doing research and working on a thesis about Data Cleaning and Data Deduplication. I also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design and Systems Programming.

I’m available immediately. I speak English, Portuguese, and a little bit of Spanish.

Best regards



Whatsapp: + 55 (82) 98208-0801

Fone: +55 (21) 3942-2105

Skype: Analyst.Eduardo